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Supersets As One Of Methods Training

As a rule, all involved in more than half a year heard, seen, and then they performed the so-called supersets. This is one of the training methods developed by Joe Weider. Its essence is that two exercises performed without rest as one set. Various modifications of this exercise there are many. However, this method is used by a fairly experienced bodybuilders, to overcome the stagnation of muscle growth. The so-called "plateau" of muscle growth awaits everyone who trains with weights. Rapid muscle growth (with proper training and nutrition) of the first month usually gives way to its slowing down, when it seems that the training did not bring results. Can continue to increase my working weights, but muscle volumes do not grow. This is the "plateau". To overcome it there are many different ways, and one of them is the supersets.

When testing remember that long using this intensive method will inevitably lead to overtraining, so use supersets 2-3 times a month; more often, yet experience good lessons for such schemes, it is better not to train.

Superset consists of two sets on different muscle groups, usually antagonists. Therefore, their use in the training scheme: chest/back, biceps/triceps. When performed in a row are two different exercises for the same muscle is a complete set.

Here first worked out the back muscles, especially the upper part of the widest, and then, without any interval for rest is an exercise to increase mass and strength of the external chest muscles. Although you catch up "to failure", due to the fact that the opposing muscles (antagonists), perform the bench hard, but it anyone can do it, highly trained athlete.

Press train with chest, legs and hands. For large muscles (back, chest, quadriceps), perform 4 exercises, 3 sets on small muscle groups (biceps, triceps, Delta) enough 2 exercises 3-4 approach. Be sure to train forearms and calf, which require 5-6 approaches with a large number of repetitions to 20-25. Rest days go swimming or Hiking.

Gaining Weight Properly

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