Gaining weight properly

Bodybuilding is impossible to imagine without the pumped proportional body. But such a body can not be achieved unless there is a mass. Weight gain - this is not a hobby but a long laborious work, for which athletes do not pay a dime. From the desire to become bigger, heavier and more powerful, nothing will change, if you do not take any steps. It is impossible to add even five kilos of muscle mass without the system and acting anyhow.

To begin to take pictures of themselves in bathing suit on all sides and to hang these pictures on your home. These photos will be constantly that your figure is not ideal, and you need to collect several allof anabolics kilograms. The reasons for which the weight is not growing, maybe not so much. Firstly, it is either incorrect or insufficient exercise, secondly, poor conditions for recovery and, thirdly, an insufficient amount of food. Most of the guys who keeps talking about constantly is that the weight is not growing, just not enough to eat. Moreover, very few of them admit it even to himself, all of them as one would argue that eating enough. If this were true, then the weight would grow: let them, it would not only muscles, but also fat, but still there was weight gain.

What can you advise to set the masses?

Now let's discuss what is best to eat and in what quantities. Breakfast bodybuilder must be dense: remember that the food eaten in the morning, not deposited in the fat. Perfect porridge, which should be eaten about half a cup per serving. But the porridge - it is only carbohydrates, so no harm will immediately take a protein shake. A few hours later the body needs to eat. Suitable gainer that can be made to: 300 ml low-fat yogurt is mixed blender quarter cup of oatmeal, 1 banana steroid sale and 30 grams of protein. At lunch to eat 200 grams of beef, chicken or fish. Garnish perfect buckwheat, brown rice or pasta. Three hours later, the time has come yet another snack. You can repeat the morning version, or to eat cheese with banana, or a packet of muesli. Dinner should be repeated lunch. For variety, you can alternate the products. The only side dish size should be approximately half that in the afternoon. At night should eat a pack of cottage cheese - thanks to slow the absorption of it throughout the night will fuel the muscle protein. Thus, we get six meals. If possible, you can add another technique - protein shake.

Try to eat well and in a month you will see results! If you typed a little fat, it is necessary either to include cardio, or reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten in the evening.