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However, perhaps, its a little insufficient anabolic action also is connected with this property of a stanozolol. Stanozolol is issued both in oral, and in injection forms. Unlike almost all other injection steroid drugs which are Solutio oleosa of ethers. injection stanozolol - water suspension. Between an oral and injection stanozolol there is no difference at all - it is the same drug. So if you are a happy owner of injection version of a steroid, but you do not maintain frequent and enough painful pricks, you can simply drink contents of ampoules safely. Though at intramuscular introduction efficiency of a stanozolol nevertheless a little (more precisely - by one and a half times) higher, thanks to the fact that the steroid gets to the general blood stream at once and can avoid, thus, partial destruction by a liver. If you are an adherent of injection drugs, then you should remember that before gathering drug in the syringe, the ampoule needs to be stirred up properly.

Stanozolol is alkylated on 17 alpha therefore is, to some extent, toxic for the same liver. This fact does not settle all negative lines of drug for men - though stanozolol and is not flavored, it renders let minimum, but nevertheless negative impact on a prostate, can promote a hair loss and emergence of acne rash (akne). All this occurs thanks to the fact that stanozolol possesses ability to stabilize an androgenic receptor, though is much weaker expressed in comparison with trenbolone, Nandrolonum or, testosterone. This feature, together with existence of progestagenny activity, makes almost impossible use of a stanozolol by representatives of a fine half of mankind - even one tablet can lead to the expressed virilescence. As use of a stanozolol does not conduct to considerable increases in muscle bulk, preparation for competitions remains the main area of its use. Stanozolol allows to keep muscle bulk during a rigid diet though the same methandrostenolone copes with this task far better. However, unlike the last, use of a stanozolol allows to avoid excess accumulation of water. A classical predsorevno-vatelny formula - "stanozolol + trenbolone". Such combination allows not only to keep reached, but even to continue accumulation of muscle bulk in the conditions of the insufficient caloric content of a diet. Besides in the presence of a stanozolol trenbolone shows the properties of fat-burning drug (though it and does not cancel use of "classical" zhi-roszhigatel). Except trenbolone, stanozolol it is possible to combine with testosterone, Nandrolonum, a metheno-bosom and oksandrolony; the last two combinations are considered safe, though insufficiently efficient.

It is considered that stanozolol gives considerable increases in force though the same testosterone, trenbolone, oxymetholone and methandrostenolone do it much better. The period of semi-life of an oral stanozolol makes 7 - 10 hours therefore it is necessary to accept it, at least, twice a day. The injection form of a steroid of the classical period has no semi-life, it is recommended to do injections daily. A usual dose of drug - 50 - 100 mg a day. And in conclusion of several words about counterfeit drugs. Unfortunately, such at a stanozolol great variety. The European fans of anabolic steroids are constantly visited by "ghosts" of once really being issued Czech stanozolol. Nowadays this drug is not issued, everything that appears under his name, at best a useless baby's dummy. Try to avoid veterinary Winstrol-V - drugs you can spend the money for nothing. From injection drugs it is worth using only Winstrol Depot of production of the Spanish company "Sambon" (Zambon); from oral - stanabol from "British Dragon" or Stromba OTWinthrop (though the last is unlike dearer at the same concentration of active agent).

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